Conference presentations

Presentation at the International Association People-Environment Studies Conference held in Rome, July 2018

Seebauer S.: Individual drivers for direct and indirect rebound effects: An empirical study on electric vehicles and building insulation in Austria

Presentation at the International Energy Policy & Programme Evaluation Conference held in Vienna, June 2018

Seebauer S., Kulmer V., Fruhmann C.: Practical tools for identifying, evaluating and preventing rebound effects: Application to residental heating and mobility in Austria

CATCH Session at the 17th Global Conference of Environmental Taxation held in Gronningen, September 2016

Fruhmann C., Tuerk A., Kulmer V., Seebauer S. (2016): System complexity as key determinant in achieving efficacious policy transposition and implementation

Kulmer V., Seebauer S., Köberl J. (2016): Catching the Macroeconomic Rebound Effect of Energy Efficiency improvements in Austria: Sensitivities and Uncertainties

Presentation at the 4th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency held in Coimbra,
September 2016

Seebauer S., Kulmer V., Fruhmann C. (2016): Drivers for direct and indirect rebound effects – the case of energy efficiency technologies for heating and mobility in Austria

Project was presented at Klimatag 2016, Graz, April 2016

Tagungsband Klimatag 2016